Many Reasons Moss and Algae Need to GO!


Not only are moss, mildew and algae unsightly on a patio or deck, but they can also destroy surfaces underneath if left untreated. Known for spreading and multiplying quickly, removing moss and algae stains is an absolute must and best practice for your deck and patio. In this article, our experts at NC Window Cleaning dive deep into why moss and algae need to be taken care of as soon as possible. 

What Causes Moss and Algae On Decks and Patios?

Leaves and debris are the main cause of moss and algae growth on a patio or deck. This happens a lot after severe storms when debris is left untouched. The debris begins to retain moisture, and this trapped moisture spawns moss and algae. If your patio or deck is in the shade, the risk of moss and algae growth is even greater — areas under the cover of trees are fertile for moss and algae.


Wood Rot

Untreated moss and retained moisture can penetrate the wood of a deck, causing it to splinter and eventually rot. Allowing even an ounce of debris on your deck can lead to costly fixes later down the road. Having a professional pressure washing team like the one at NC Window Cleaning can rid your deck or patio of debris, leaving the exterior of your home looking new and slip-free. 


Tips for Cleaning Your Deck or Patio

A good old-fashioned broom can do wonders for your deck’s appearance. Sweeping away fallen leaves and twigs can help prevent debris build-up and moisture problems. However, broom sweeping sometimes misses debris that hides in the cracks and gaps of wood and patio surfaces. A broom can also press this smaller debris deep into the crevices, causing moisture retention. Consider hiring a pressure washing company once or twice a year to clear out these cracks full of tiny debris. This action will prevent a bigger problem later down the road and will increase your patio and deck’s lifespan.


Some homeowners use retail deck cleaners or make their own deck cleaning solution using household items such as warm water, diluted chlorine bleach or ammonia-free laundry detergent. If you decide to clean your own deck or patio surface, be sure to wear gloves, proper eye protection and cover nearby plants. Some bleach and chemical-containing solutions can destroy plants and harm pets. If doing the work yourself seems daunting, call (910) 273-4416 and let the professionals handle the dirty work. 


Pressure Washing Patios and Decks

Fall is a great time to have your driveway and sidewalks professionally power washed. It’s the easiest way to give your home a fresh new look. Pressure washing can damage pavers, concrete, asphalt and bricks if done incorrectly — the knowledge of how much power (PSI) to use on a specific surface is invaluable. If done carelessly or without knowledge of appropriate PSI, bricks and other surfaces can be weakened and potentially damaged. It’s best to call a professional power washer to clean your driveway surfaces safely and effectively.


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