Professional Cleaning Gives Your Home a Quick and Affordable Makeover

A realtor’s sales strategy may include hiring a network of professionals to help sell a lucrative listing. For instance, realtors often hire a professional photographer to snap quality photos of a listing. Without that quality photography, a listing can go overlooked and unseen for weeks. No one wants their home’s listing to expire. 

Also, realtors hire home staging companies to dress up a listing before an open house or showings. It’s a known fact that staged homes sell far faster than non-staged ones. This could also net you more money in the end with a higher sales price.

One of the other and most important sales tools that realtors in Fayetteville use is hiring a professional cleaning company to give the home an ultimate makeover. The curb appeal factor is crucial in selling a home because it’s the first thing a potential buyer notices upon arrival at the home.

The cleanliness of your home is one of the first things a buyer notices. If they see dirt and dust, they immediately downgrade the value of your home in their mind. It sets a stage for lower pricing and that’s most certainly not what you want when selling a home. That’s why realtors are hiring home cleaning services like NC Window Cleaning. 

So, realtors, if you’re selling a home, learn the secret weapon of many successful realtors in NC: professional exterior cleaning and soft washing.

Market Ready

Before going on the market, realtors must ensure that the home is market-ready. If not, then a lot of valuable time and money can be lost as a result. 

Sometimes realtors find themselves listing for a seller who is in a hurry to move out and on to a new job in another state, or they’ve experienced unemployment. In these hurried moves, homeowners often leave a mess. It’s the realtor’s job to make sure the home is presentable for photographs and showings. This is a big undertaking for any listing agent, so this is where a professional cleaning service like NC Window Cleaning can help. We offer thorough and affordable deep cleans of your home’s exterior and outdoor surfaces so you can market the listing sooner rather than later.

Construction Debris in New Construction Homes

Sometimes even new construction homes need a cleaning. Often debris from contractor projects, construction dust, or showings can leave unsightly stains and blemishes on driveways, siding, walkways, and porches.

NC Window Cleaning will tidy up your new construction listing and help you get the listing in showroom shape.

The Ultimate Gift

If you’re a realtor in Fayetteville or surrounding areas, consider gifting a cleaning service package to your clients. They won’t forget this thoughtful gesture, and it may lead to referrals. Clients appreciate the generosity and the usefulness of a cleaning service subscription.

Perhaps you can buy 3 months’ worth of NC Window Cleaning services for their new home if you’re a buyer’s agent. If you’re a listing agent, you can give this as a gift to your clients in an effort to prepare their homes for the market.

Pressure Washing Bricks

Spring is a great time to have your driveways and walkways professionally cleaned and pressure washed. It’s the easiest way to give your home a fresh new look. Also, you could be protecting your home from future mold infestation by stopping it. Arresting the mold on the bricks will prevent further spread to home brick and eventually siding. Pressure washing can damage bricks if done without the knowledge of how much pressure (PSI) can be used on brick and other surfaces. If done carelessly or without knowledge of appropriate PSI, bricks can be weakened and damaged. It’s best to call a professional pressure washer to clean your brick surfaces safely and effectively.

NC Window Cleaning has decades of experience servicing homes and businesses in Fayetteville and surrounding areas. Take advantage of our Spring Cleaning Special and save 10% when you bundle exterior cleaning, roof cleaning, gutter cleaning, window washing, and driveway, sidewalk, & patio cleaning. Call today at (910) 273-4416 to learn more or simply contact us.