Here’s how we protect your garden when we soft wash your roof

When we talk to people about professionally washing their roof & their home’s exterior, we get the same question: “Will this kill my plants?”

Unfortunately, the answer is yes. The chemicals used in the soft washing process will kill your plants. That’s why it’s important to hire a company that knows how to protect the green life around your home in addition to safely cleaning your roof and siding.

In this post, we’ll share what we do to protect the plants around your home before, during, and after a wash. We want to keep your home beautiful, but not at the expense of the garden you’ve put so much time into cultivating.

Our Process for Protecting Plants

Before we begin cleaning, we use water to pre-soak any plants, bushes, grass, and flowers in the area we’ll be working in. By feeding the vegetation beforehand, we can ensure that your plants won’t absorb the runoff water from the cleaning job.

Once we start the job, we have a couple of options for protecting your plants. We can have one team member apply the chemical solution onto the house while another employee rinses off the vegetation, especially those plants that are delicate or fragile. We can also cover the area with Tyvek, a protective fabric that can be placed over your plants.

During the job, chemical and water runoff from the soft washing process may make its way down through the downspout. Usually, this would send the runoff into nearby vegetation. We add an extension to the downspout to make sure that doesn’t happen.

To ensure we don’t leave any lasting chemicals to damage the plants, we wash the vegetation off with Plantwash. This solution neutralizes any bleach residue, as well as leaves gypsum behind to add nutrients to the soil.

Learn More

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