A simple cleaning now will put more money in your pocket later.

As the weather warms up, more people will be in the market to buy a home. If you’re selling your home, then you only have one shot at making a great first impression—and professional cleaning can help you do it.

In this article, we want to make the case for how cleaning can help you earn the most money at sales. People will quickly make a judgment about your house, and you want to give yourself every chance to stand out.

How Closely Do People Pay Attention?

Research shows that people take about seven seconds to form a first impression of another human being. You should assume that you also have a small window in which people will form an opinion of your home when they first see it.

People will always see the exterior of your house before they see anything else. If they see a clean, beautiful outside, then they’ll also have higher opinions of the interior. (They may also be a tad more forgiving if they find something inside they don’t like.) A dirty exterior, however, can cloud their impression of the rest of your home.

People who are impressed with your home are more likely to put in an offer—and they’re more likely to bid aggressively if they think there will be competition for it. As a result, you’ll be in a stronger bargaining position, and you’ll earn more money through the sale.

A professional cleaning can create a positive first impression of your home that can earn you better offers than you otherwise might have received. This is an easy chance to improve your standing in the market.

Appraisers Form Impressions, Too

If you asked an appraiser if a cleaning job affects how they value your home, then they’ll deny that it has any impact on their decision at all. Realtors, however, aren’t so sure

Appraisers are people who also form first impressions. They’re likely not even aware of this when they’re inspecting your home. When the first thing they see is a dirty exterior, then that could affect their judgment as they move through the rest of your house.

We believe you need to impress everyone involved in the buying process, including appraisers. A professional cleaning will help you do that.

Clean Homes Are Easier for Realtors to Market

When your house has been professionally cleaned, then your realtor has more to work with as they help you sell your home.

They can take more beautiful pictures to post on websites. They can have an easier time attracting visitors to an open house. Even your Facebook friends will be more inclined to share photos of your house to help you if they’re impressed by how it looks. 

You can create advocates who are willing to help you if your home looks beautiful. The cost of professional cleaning is nothing compared to the value of making a good first impression.

Ready to Earn More Money?

You can impress a lot of people and earn more money by having a professionally cleaned house. Let’s talk about how our professional exterior cleaning services can make a great first impression, put a bigger smile on everyone’s faces, and help you get the most money for your home.