Why, When, and How Often

Let’s be honest: some of you are probably wondering why you would hire professional window cleaners when you suspect a bottle of Windex would be enough. Don’t worry, we’re not offended.

We want you to make the best decisions for caring for your home, which is why we’d like to make the case for professional window cleaning. Specifically, we want to talk about why you should hire a company like us to do the job, when you should do it, and how often you should consider having your windows cleaned.

Why Should I Have My Windows Professionally Cleaned?

Household products aren’t good enough for removing the contaminants and corrosive materials that build up on your windows over time, like dirt, grime, and algae. When left unchecked, these things can damage the glass of your window, and you’ll end up paying more in utility bills in addition to repairing the physical damage on your property. Our team uses professional tools and chemicals to remove the types of contaminants that your over-the-counter products can’t get out.

A professional cleaning can also remove unwanted bugs that have made homes around your windows. As much as we love nature, we also know these insects can damage your glass and the surrounding material. We don’t think anyone should live in your home when they weren’t invited.

Finally, clean windows make your home look amazing. Who doesn’t want to keep their house beautiful?

When Should I Have My Windows Cleaned?

Because you’re preventing the buildup of contaminants, there’s no one right season in which to clean your windows. If you clean the windows during the warmer months, then the windows can dry faster and you can finally remove all the pollen that accumulated during the spring. As the months get cooler, there are fewer chances for chemicals to leave residue on the windows.

Here’s how we’d answer this question: it’s more important for you to clean your windows consistently than in a particular month.

How Often Should I Get Them Cleaned?

One of the many advantages of professional cleaning is this: you don’t need to do them as often! We recommend professional cleanings once or twice a year. (Again, there’s no one “right” season where you have to schedule them, either.)

Ready to Get Your Windows Cleaned?

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