The problems with moss run beneath the surface

Some people like the aesthetic that moss creates for their homes. While we’re all for decorating how you want, we need to warn you about the dangers of letting moss linger.

Moss looks harmless, but that’s an assumption that will cost you. Left untreated, moss can create structural problems for your home that will cost far more to fix than it would have to remove the moss in the first place.

How Moss Damages Your Bricks

You’re probably reading this article because moss has become enough of an issue that you’re questioning the best way to remove it. So let’s explain why moss is dangerous for your brickwork.

Moss roots can grow underneath your bricks. This is a major problem because even if you remove the top-level moss, the roots are already in place. They’ll cause moss to re-grow and cause the mortar to crack. Even worse, moss retains water, and moisture can get underneath the surface of the brickwork and do further damage.

Moss can present huge problems to your brickwork. We recommend hiring a professional team to properly remove it in its entirety, not just the parts you see on the surface.

Why You Shouldn’t Use the Chemicals

We know some websites will recommend chemicals you can buy or mix with water to treat this problem. While this is a possible solution, we want to urge caution. These chemicals can be pricey. They can hurt you if they’re applied to your skin. Improperly used, they can even damage parts of your home and kill your vegetation.

Prevention Is Key

The simplest way to prevent moss from damaging your brickwork is to remove contaminants on and around your bricks.

  • After you mow the yard, wash down the brick to remove grass and debris.
  • Trim any tree branches that might be too close to your brickwork.
  • Remove plant growth between bricks and along the edges of your brick landscaping.

Kill Moss the Proper Way

Moss can damage your home, and the chemicals needed to kill it can also hurt you and damage your home. Let’s talk about how our team can help you properly remove moss and keep your home safe in the process.