We live in an age where you can find a YouTube video or paid online course to teach you how to do anything. As a result, many people might think that they can safely and effectively pressure wash their homes without the help of a professional.

We admire the entrepreneurial spirit, but we disagree.

In this article, we want to lay out the case for why you shouldn’t attempt to do this work on your own. Yes, we’re biased. (We are trying to get you to hire us, after all.) We also think the facts speak for themselves: when it comes to pressure washing, it’s a job best left to the professionals.

Why You Shouldn’t Do This Yourself

If you’re thinking of doing a pressure wash by yourself, then we encourage you to think about these questions. This will give you a better sense of why this is a more complicated job than you might imagine.

1. Do you know what pressure to use for the water?

How strong should the water pressure be to clean the side of your home? How strong can it be used on a driveway before you accidentally crack the concrete? If you approach the wash wrong, then you’ll damage your home and spend more money to repair it than you otherwise may have needed to. Hiring us to do the job safely and effectively is the much cheaper alternative.

2. Do you know what type of washing solution you should use?

There are big differences between pressure washing, power washing, and soft washing. Each solution is designed for particular areas and has its unique advantages in breaking down dirt and grime. For instance, do you know where it’s best to use particular cleaning chemicals and which areas should only be sprayed with water? We’re trained to know that, which is why we recommend you leave the work to us. (We’d love to answer any questions you have about the cleaning process, though.)

3. Are you ready to risk your safety to clean hard-to-reach areas?

If you want to clean your roof or gutters, then you’re going to have to climb up a tall ladder to get the job done. Assuming you don’t have a fear of heights, you probably aren’t used to doing cleaning jobs that high off the ground. You could hurt yourself and spend thousands in medical bills. We’ve trained for this type of work, and we’re fully insured. Save yourself the risk of injury and let us handle this one.

Ready to Talk More?

We’d love to explain all the advantages of hiring a professional crew to clean your home or your walkways. Give us a call or send us a message to learn more about our services.